TLA - Red Light Therapy Cap
TLA - Red Light Therapy Cap
TLA - Red Light Therapy Cap

TLA - Red Light Therapy Cap

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Thinning hair is something we could really do without, thanks very much. This cap by Therapy Lights Australia is not only a good look but it also gives you an at home treatment experience. 
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This product by Therapy Lights Australia is easy to use, it is equipped with red 630nm & infrared 850nm + 940nm LEDs, PLUS intensity and pulse settings for an optional extra boost, and an inbuilt 15-minute timer.

Pop it on while you read, meditate, or watch your favourite show to give your hair a serious recharge.

This hat by Therapy Lights Australia is a game changer for assisting hair growth! It takes time and consistency but red light therapy helps keep hair follicles in a growth phase for longer.

I also use mine 3-4 times a week rotating every second day for a 30 min treatment.

- Lynsey

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