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Opti Flor
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Opti Flor

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Ok ladies, let’s talk poo. Diarrhoea means your gut is unhappy – and a healthy gut is vital. Diarrhoea and IBS sufferers swear by this for getting things back on track!
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Formulated with medical-grade, natural ingredients that target diarrhoea, upset tummy, and damage done to the gut flora by antibiotics. For ages 2+ after antibiotics, illness, or upset tummy.

Diarrhoea, Antibiotics, Immune, Gut Health
Supports healthy bowel and digestive function
Restores good bacteria during and after antibiotics
Supports immune system health and function
Shelf-stable, independently tested, 32B+ live probiotics guaranteed

A fantastic trio of strain specific bacteria to set a healthy foundation in the microbiome. Also a great tool for recovery after a bout of gastro or food poisoning. I open one up and put it in a smoothie for the family (children 2+) a few times a week.

- Lynsey

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