Mag3 Mood 150g Powder
Mag3 Mood 150g Powder
Mag3 Mood 150g Powder
Mag3 Mood 150g Powder

Mag3 Mood 150g Powder

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Your everyday, triple-magnesium powder for muscular relaxation and function, with mood- and stress-supporting herbs and a vegan Cordyceps to support your nervous system.
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Created to support healthy neuromuscular function, Mag³ Mood is formulated with a unique blend of three highly bioavailable forms of magnesium, complete with a sustainably-sourced vegan Cordyceps and herbs traditionally used to support emotional wellbeing and help the body adapt to stress.


Support muscle function and relaxation

Support mood balance and mental wellbeing

Relieve symptoms of stress

Help the body adapt to stress

Relax the nervous system

Ora Health have formulated Mag3 Mood™ to be as tasty as possible, so just mix it in water and enjoy the zesty kick! What does Mag3 Mood™ taste like? Lime and pineapple.


What are the three types of magnesium in Mag3 Mood™?

Ora Health have used three forms of magnesium (Magnesium bisglycinate, Magnesium citrate and Magnesium glycerophosphate), all of which are highly bioavailable for optimal absorption in the body.

Is the cordyceps in Mag3 Mood™ vegan?

Ora Health have selected a high quality Cordyceps extract which is cultivated on a barley substrate, thereby ensuring quality is consistently controlled and that the ingredient does not contain any animal or insect by-products. It is therefore suitable for vegans.

Is Mag3 Mood™ safe to use during pregnancy and breastfeeding?

Ora Health recommend avoiding Mag3 Mood™ during pregnancy and breastfeeding due to the lack of research around the use of Lemon balm during pregnancy and breastfeeding."

Magnesium is one of my all-time favourite nutrients for myself to support my nervous system, mood and cellular health.

- Lynsey

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Mag3 Mood 150g PowderMag3 Mood 150g Powder
Mag3 Mood 150g Powder
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