Keto-pH Urine Strips
Keto-pH Urine Strips
Keto-pH Urine Strips
Keto-pH Urine Strips

Keto-pH Urine Strips

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It’s incredible how much your wee can tell you about your health! These strips test for pH as well as ketones, and are easy to use and read.
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According to Dr. Anna, testing (not guessing!) is the key to weight loss success - especially if you’re over the age of 40 or menopausal.

These test strips will help you stay in an alkaline state and in ketosis, two factors Dr. Anna believes are vital for healthy fat loss, stable moods, and balanced hormones.

Fantastic way to get your body's feedback on health. A morning and evening urine pH sample can help you measure inflammation, acidity and ketosis.

- Lynsey

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The Dr Anna Cabecca Story

Shelley chats to Dr Anna Cabecca the Founder of The Girlfriend Doctor to learn about the story behind the brand.

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