Detox for Socks & Smalls (200ml)

Detox for Socks & Smalls (200ml)

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It’s intended for freshening the small-and-smellies, but we use this gorgeously scented detox for every load. Why not bring a bit of luxury to doing the washing, hey?
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A 100% natural sanitising boost for your delicate items. Helps kill germs, and add a beautiful delicate scent to your clothing.

Also perfect for washing bedding, towels & gym gear.

Fragrance notes: Orange blossom, freshly crushed leaves, citrus peel, crisp cotton sheets

Anyone that has children (or a husband) may find this one delicious for freshening up the laundry.

Add 1-2 capfuls to your washing machine for that fresh experience!

- Lynsey

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