CardiOS - 60 Capsules

CardiOS - 60 Capsules

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This is one of our absolute ride-or-die, must-have health boosters. Specifically designed to support aging-related dramas, this is a must-try!
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Clinical Data shows that compounds in CardiOS may:

Help remove unwanted calcium deposits from blood vessel walls

Assist in depositing calcium into bone

Help reduce the morning cortisol levels which promote a degree of heightened anxiety

CardiOS is a unique formulation which simultaneously targets cardiovascular and bone health, both of which significantly deteriorate during the ageing process. As such, CardiOS may favourably contribute to reducing these major elements of the chronic disease spectrum.

The multi-functional applications for CardiOS extend well past its ability to reduce bone loss and arterial calcification; CardiOS may also provide benefit in anxiety states and where elevated cortisol facilitates chronic disease.

One of its ingredients, Sensoril assists in re-ducing inflammation CardiOS is beneficial for those approaching mid and later-life to support declining physiology, especially common to both Andropausal men and Menopausal & Post-Menopausal women.

A great way to address cardiovascular health, stress management and bone health.

Use by taking 1 cap twice daily.

- Lynsey

Why You Must Try It

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